Our Chávez who art ... everywhere

Hugo Chávez's presence can be seen everywhere. Huge billboards along streets, avenues and highways share the common mission of showing Chavez's image, just like if he was still ruling Venezuela. (PHOTOS: ANGEL BERMUDEZ)

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    Huge images of Venezuela’s independence hero, Simón Bolívar, and Chávez are displayed on the Palace of Justice. To the right, Chávez eyes are displayed at the top of the building of Venezuela’s Congress.
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    A giant billboard displaying Chávez eyes at the Banco de Venezuela headquarters, a private bank that was nationalized in 2009.
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    Maduro’s government placed an advertisement right next to a Chávez billboard at the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas.
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    The exhibition Chávez: Eternal Leader is shown at Maiquetia’s International Airport, near Caracas.
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    Chávez is represented in a pop style at the Avila’s National Park.
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    The signature and the eyes of former Venezuelan president displayed on the front of a building of the official protection housing program.
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    Huge images of Chávez are shown at the entrance hall of the Ministry of Science.
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    A building from an official protection housing programme was called “Homeland’s giant” to honor Chávez.
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    Images of Chávez and Venezuela’s independence hero, Simon Bolivar, are seen in a bus of Caracas public transportation system.
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    Chávez signature has been written on the walls of many buildings of the official protection housing program called “Misión Vivienda.”
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    “I am Chávez”, reads a huge billboard at the main building of Venezuela’s national telecommunications company (Cantv).
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