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For Latina Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot the sky is no limit.  

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    Dominican American and Blackhawk helicopter commander and pilot Marisol Chalas poses for a photo overlooking the Dominican Republic. This was the photo used on posters for the Project Mujer campaign in 2007, that honored 100 of the most inspiring and best Dominican women. Photo: Nicole Sanchez 
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    Marisol Chalas pilots a Blackhawk helicopter. Chalas has served in the National Guard and Army Reserves for 20 years. She is the first Latina to ever pilot a Blackhawk in the National Guard. Photo: Marisol Chalas
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    Marisol Chalas poses with Dominican children during her six month humanitarian mission in which she was able to assist in the building of schools and clinics for her native born Dominican Republic.  During the six months, Chalas flew countless missions to assist in the transportation of personnel and equipment, while serving as a liason and translator for the Army's engineers. Photo: Marisol Chalas
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    These are some of the Soldiers from the unit that Marisol Chalas commands at Fort Hood, A Company 7-158th AVN, after returning from a month long training at the Joint Readiness Training Center(JRTC), Fort Polk, LA. This was taken at the end of October 2010. Photo: Marisol Chalas
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