Official: Tanzania shocked by the killing of 7 peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur region

Tanzania's deputy foreign minister says the killing of seven Tanzanian peacekeepers in Sudan's western region of Darfur is "shocking to Tanzania."

Mahadhi Juma Maalim said Sunday that Tanzanian officials were yet to get full details of the ambush Saturday in which 17 others were also wounded in the deadliest single attack on international peacekeepers in Sudan. He said the assault on the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeepers was by a large group of men with machine guns.

Maalim said the government was studying the situation in Darfur and would notify families of the slain soldiers.

Tanzania has recently become more active in regional peacekeeping missions. Last year it was the first to offer to send troops to eastern Congo under what will become an offensive brigade of U.N. peacekeepers there.