Obama Burger, Romney Omelette on Breakfast in America diner menu in Paris

A diner in France is taking America's election battle into the kitchen.

For 24 hours, the Breakfast in America diner in Paris is offering two new items on its menu: the Obama Burger and the Romney Omelette.

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The owner will then count how many of each are sold by the end of the day and delcare a winner, as decided by French palates, The Associated Press reported.

The Obama Burger is described as a cheeseburger with double cheese, grilled hot dogs and grilled onions topped with relish.

The Romney Omelet, meanwhile, is listed as a plain omelet (nothing inside) with toast and homefries.

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If you think the Obama Burger sounds a lot tastier, you're not alone.

Some American customers who are Mitt Romney supporters have also noticed, described by diner owner Craig Carlson to the AP as "offended" and "very unhappy."

"We tried to explain it's just a joke and we tried to put a little slant on it," said Carlson, a California native. "(Romney) always says he is a regular American, a plain American."

Don't expect to know the results anytime soon though.

The diner won't be open all night like it was in 2008, and its website notes that, "it's probably going to be a much longer night" than four years ago.