No Spanish for iPhone, Obama Appoints Shakira and a Univision Boycott: It's The Week in Latino News

The iCon Steve Jobs dies, Obama taps Shakira for education position, GOP candidates boycott Univision, the new iPhone doesn't speak Spanish and Alabama's immigration law has unintended consequences. 



    The world remembered and paid tribute to an iCon, Steve Jobs. "There may be no greater tribute to Steve’s success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented." - President Obama


    Speaking of Apple. The tech giant unveiled the iPhone 4S, featuring a personal assistant app called Siri. The app will understand and speak languages to communicate with the user. But the fact that Spanish is excluded from the supported languages of English, French and German have some upset.


    A brouhaha between Univision and Marco Rubio turned into a boycott of a scheduled Univision debate by GOP candidates unless the network apologizes. The question is, does the GOP need Univision to reach Latinos?
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    Marine Captain Brian Iglesias created Veterans Inc. “There are tons of organizations, film scholarships, film festivals, etc., that focus on underrepresented groups in society, but you will find virtually none of these opportunities for veterans, nor will you find them for filmmakers with disabilities. I have started a production company that primarily employs veterans with a specific preference for disabled vets.”
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    President Barack Obama appointed Shakira to his education advisory board in the hopes of assisting children in need throughout Latin America.


    Alabama’s economy could be dealt a major blow thanks to its strict immigration law. New reports say the law which is intended to force undocumented immigrants out of jobs is also pushing legal Latino workers to flee the state. Geraldo says this isn't sweet home Alabama anymore.
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