Newtown Still Mourning Those Lost In Sandy Hook Massacre

Flag poles around town stand a perennial half-mast, buildings feature touching memorials to the dead and the graves of those killed are covered in remembrances as Newtown, Connecticut struggles to get over the mass school shooting.   



    The grave of Ana Grace Márquez-Greene at the Newtown Village Cemetery. Ana Grace's parents began the Ana Grace Project shortly after he death to help communities identify children with mental problems and works to prevent similar tragedies to the Sandy Hook shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    The town of Sandy Hook has dealt with the horrors of the shooting and the intense focus by the rest of the world in the year following the shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    The grave of some of the 26 students and faculty killed inside Sandy Hook Elementary School occupy the back section of Newtown Village Cemetery. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    The entrance of Sandy Hook Elementary School is blocked and under heavy guard as construction workers raze the site of the December 2012 shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    Flags around Newtown, Connecticut stand at half mast to honor those killed in the December 2012 school shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    On the road leading to Sandy Hook Elementary School, one resident has made a touching tribute to those killed during the mass shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    The newly plotted graves of those killed during the December 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School are just one of the reminders of the open scars in the Connecticut town. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    A sign near the soon-to-be-razed Sandy Hook Elementary School reads "God Bless The Families." (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)


    This sign near Sandy Hook Elementary School is just one of the tributes by town residents to those killed during the December 2012 school shooting. (Photo: Andrew O'Reilly)
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