New Premier Renzi says let's fix up Italy for our children, not for Merkel and EU bank

Italian Premier Matteo Renzi is pitching for support in Parliament ahead of mandatory confidence votes on his brand-new coalition.

The Democratic Party leader told the Senate Monday he needs support for a "bold vision" for reviving Italy's stagnant economy, but offered few details.

Renzi said debt-laden Italy must heal its public finances not because Germany's Angela Merkel or the European Central Bank chief want us "to get serious," but because "it's our children" who seek a future.

The 39-year-old former Florence mayor became Italy's youngest premier on Saturday after ousting fellow Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta. Renzi says Letta's 10-month-old government wasn't reviving the economy fast enough.

Youth unemployment hovers around 40 percent.

Barring defections, Renzi's coalition should win a slim Senate majority in the vote expected late Monday.