NATO: Bomb Kills Service Member in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A bomb killed a NATO service member in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, the coalition said in a statement.

NATO did not give further details on Wednesday's death or provide the nationality of the service member.

Coalition and Afghan forces have been pushing into Taliban strongholds in the south but insurgent attacks in other parts of the country have shot up. The north, traditionally considered one of Afghanistan's safer region, has seen an upsurge in attacks and bombings in recent months.

A Dutch aid worker was also kidnapped in northern Afghanistan on Monday.

The death brings the number of NATO troops killed in October to 56. So far, 596 members of the international coalition have been killed in Afghanistan this year.

Meanwhile, NATO said its forces captured a man on Tuesday who is a facilitator for the Haqqani network responsible for moving bomb components into the capital of Kabul. The Haqqanis are a mainly Pakistan-based Taliban faction closely tied to al-Qaida.

The arrest follows Monday's capture of a Taliban leader in Kandahar accused of constructing suicide vests and planning and directing bomb attacks.

Afghan and coalition forces say they have killed or captured many insurgent leaders in recent months but it is unclear whether the operations are having a major effect on quelling the insurgency.