Mexican woman dies from being hit by luxury car driver pilloried in social media uproar

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A driver who tried to escape arrest by claiming political connections was charged with manslaughter Tuesday after the woman she hit with her Porsche last week in Mexico City died of her injuries.

Mexico is experiencing a backlash against the common practice of wealthy or well-connected people trying to browbeat police and businesses, after a series of such incidents were pilloried on social networking sites.

On Thursday, suspect Dalia Ortega lost control of the Porsche she was driving in a quiet Mexico City neighborhood, striking a pedestrian before crashing into another vehicle, authorities say.

When police arrived, she purportedly said she knew a high-ranking police official and said any policeman who tried to arrest her would lose his job.

Police said officers later determined she was drunk, and arrested her. She was initially held on charges of causing injuries, but those charges were upgraded to a form of manslaughter after the victim died Monday night.

"The police arrested her and the prosecutors charged her. This is very compelling proof ... that we are not going to permit any influence-peddling or arm-twisting," Mexico City Attorney General Rodolfo Rios said.

He said Ortega actually did not have the connections she claimed.