Memorial Day: A Tribute to Our Heroes

In honor of the thousands of Americans who have sacrificed their lives in service to our country, and in honor of the thousands who continue to serve, Fox News Latino says thank you.



     Here is our collection of some memorable and inspiring profiles of service men and women who continue to go above and beyond the call of duty.   


    From Television Executive to Decorated War Hero in Iraq Otto Padron is Superman. By day he works for a leading Spanish broadcast network, by night he flies through Florida’s night sky as a U.S. Army reserve officer. If that weren’t enough, he is marrying his leading lady --the TV star of the Mexican version of Ugly Betty, actress Angelica Vale -- all while going to school to complete his MBA. Read the rest of his story here.


    This Soldier was Down, but Far From Out When a 35-foot fall left Army Cpt. Reinaldo González II paralyzed from the neck down in 2007, one of his main goals was, of course, to walk again. Chief among the soldier's other priorities: to be deployed to Afghanistan. Read the rest of his story here.

    juan guerrero

    Captain Juan Guerrero's Journey From Soldier to Warrior The date was July 26, 2007. During his third tour in Iraq, Captain Juan Guerrero was part of a team conducting escort security for the explosive ordinance disposal team. He was in the lead vehicle, on the passenger side. And that's when an improvised explosive device (IED) changed everything. Read the rest of his story here.
    Courtesy Operation Tribute to Freedom


    For Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot Commander Marisol Chalas, the Sky is No Limit The Black Hawk helicopter is a four-bladed, two engine, versatile Army fighting machine—and for Commander Marisol Chalas, it’s her pride and joy.  Chalas is a Dominican American who continues to serve from the cockpit of the famed Black Hawk. Read the rest of her story here.

    USO Woman of the year

    USO Woman of the Year Empowered Afghan Girls, Awarded a Purple Heart She never saw it coming. Army Staff Sergeant Tannia Carter was travelling in her Humvee in the Pash River Valley in Afghanistan, when she was blindsided by two RPGs that exploded near the military vehicle. A deadly ambush erupting around her, the medic for the platoon desperately tried to tend to her comrades' wounds. But the sharp stinging burn of shrapnel cut into her hands – the pain, an afterthought – until help arrived. Read the rest of her story here.
    Tannia Carter


    5th Gen. Mexican-American, 3rd Gen. Army At 38 years old, Ann Marie Loera took a chance on happiness, and made the decision that would change her life forever. The divorced mother of four with four grandchildren, who was raised in a military family, decided to pursue her dream of joining the military.  Read the rest of her story here.
    U.S. Army

    Marfel Ortiz-Brown

    Serving Our Country and Making it Taste Good Sgt. Marfel Ortíz-Brown has made a living out of using little rations to create big tastes.
    She is a member of the competitive Fort Bragg Culinary Team and has served in 
    Afghanistan. Read the rest of her story here.

    William Marquez lopez american dream

    Valentines in Iraq, Two Heroes' Love Story For Captains William Marquez and Maria Lopez, love isn’t their battlefield, it’s their strength.
    Marquez and Lopez met while in Officer Training School and since then their love story has grown throughout their service to our country. They were married on 31 May, 2009, celebrating with their closest friends and family members at the Harbor Kidd Inn in San Diego, California. Read more of their story here.


    From Making Fries and Flipping Burgers to Lt. Col. in the Air Force Cristina Vilella was always destined to fly. She does, after all, come from a "familia de pilotos."
    Her father retired as a major at the Puerto Rico National Guard and her brother was part of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Puerto Rico – all because he wanted to become a pilot. Read the rest of her story here.
    Courtesy of the Air Force


    A couple photograph themselves amongst a sea of flags on Boston Common in Boston, Sunday, May 26, 2013. The flags were placed by the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund in memory of every fallen Massachusetts service member from the Civil War to the present. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
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