Lopez Tonight Cancelled, Drug Cartels Use Facebook, and Shakira & Dora: It's the Week In Latino News

George Lopez's late-night show is cancelled; record-setting 1,600 immigration bills introduced; a radio host's "illegal alien" comment; Amazon tribe's mysterious disappearance; drug cartels in Mexico use Facebook and Twitter to prey on victims; and more. 

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    The Week in Latino News starts off with the canceling of George Lopez late-night talk show 'Lopez Tonight' due to bad ratings.
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    When radio host Tony Bruno called Ramon Ramirez an "illegal alien," an uproar ensued. Giants manager Bruce Bochy came out and called the comment "racist."
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    How will YOU be affected by the credit downgrade? Click to find out.
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    California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
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    International singing sensation Shakira and international exploring sensation Dora the Explorer teamed up for the premiere of a new show as well as a music video.
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    Peruvian drug traffickers overran a guard post and an uncontacted Amazon tribe behind its protection has now gone missing. Officials fear the tribe has been attacked.
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