Libyan Ambassadors to U.N. Say They're on Assassin's Hit List

Libya's New York-based deputy ambassador to the UN and one of his colleagues have been placed on a hit list since they denounced Muammar al-Qaddafi, he told Fox News on Monday.

The official, Ibrahim Dabbashi, said a "friendly and reliable source in Tripoli" warned him that he and Ambassador Abdurrahman Shalgam must remain alert to ensure that "Qaddafi's hired killers cannot carry out their assignment."

Dabbashi said he and Shalgam were placed on an "assassin's hit list" since denouncing Qaddafi.

Dabbashi said he did not have specific information on the threat, which he considers to be serious. He said he remains vigilant, but feels relatively safe due to additional security measures.

Dabbashi and Shalgam have been living in the Libyan Mission to the U.N. in Manhattan. They have been actively supporting the Libyan opposition in Benghazi's political outreach at UN Headquarters.