Leftist party Syriza widens lead slightly in last Greek polls ahead of Sunday's election

Greece's left-wing opposition Syriza party is leading the ruling New Democracy conservatives in the last nine polls published ahead of the country's election Sunday.

Syriza's lead varies from 2.8 percentage points to 6.7 points but is trending upward. In four of these polls, which are rolling ones, the lead rose sharply from Thursday to Friday evening, when the last polls were published.

Syriza has alarmed markets by urging massive debt forgiveness and wanting bailout deals rewritten.

The number of undecided voters remains significant. All but two polls show it near or above 10 percent.

The centrist party To Potami is in third place in four polls, while the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party is third in another four. They are tied in the ninth poll.

There is no campaigning Saturday.