José Baez, Salsa Championship and the Running of the Bulls: It's the Week In Latino News

Meet Casey Anthony's lawyer José Baez, World Salsa Championship, Georgia fights back on immigration, Latino All-Stars and more.



    The Week in Latino News starts with Jose Baez, who successfully defended Casey Anthony in her murder trial. Read about how he went from troubled teen to star defense attorney.


    Spain's running of the bulls is an age old tradition in which participants run for their lives from charging fight bulls. What's not to like? Check out the spectacular slideshow of the action.
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    Georgia won't take this one sitting down. The state is challenging a federal ruling that blocked parts of its immigration law.

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    The world championship of the 15th Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is up for grabs. Who will dance their way to victory?


    Which Latinos made the 2011 All Star game rosters? Hint: Slugger José Bautista is one of them.


    Sure, the laundromat and barbershop are great places to receive certain services, but medical advice isn't one of them.


    Passion? Intrigue? Warfare? No it's not a modern-day novela, these timeless issues have arisen from ancient Mayan glyphs that provide a window into a 1,000 year-old society.
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    Lawrence Brown’s dream of becoming a professional drummer isn’t out of reach because he’s blind. “My disability is not a disability, it’s just an inconvenience,” said Brown, now a professional drummer in two bands.
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