Japan whistleblower still fighting after Supreme Court ruling on Olympus, joined by employee

Camera and medical equipment maker Olympus is facing another legal battle over its treatment of a whistleblower employee a year after Japan's Supreme Court ruled it should reinstate the man in his regular job.

Masaharu Hamada has been assigned by Olympus to quality training, in which he has no experience. He sees the assignment as harassment.

He wants the Tokyo District Court to order Olympus to abide by the top court's ruling. Olympus says it complied with the Supreme Court decision.

Hamada was joined Monday by Yoshihisa Ishikawa who is suing Olympus for sending him to work under Hamada.

Hamada first sued Olympus in 2008 after being ostracized for relaying a supplier's complaint.

He is considered a whistleblower in Japan because he raised questions and was subjected to humiliating punishment.