Laborers across Indonesia went on strike for a second day Friday, demanding benefits and higher pay while protesting the hiring of contract workers, even as workers in the capital were granted a raise.

Gov. Joko "Jokowi" Widodo approved an increase from 2.2 million rupiah ($194) to 2.4 million rupiah ($211) for workers in Jakarta.

Said Iqbal, chairman of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions, estimated about 2 million workers in 20 of the country's 34 provinces walked off the job Thursday. Police say the numbers are much lower because many ignored the call to strike.

Iqbal said the main demand was a minimum wage increase, which would raise salaries in the capital, Jakarta, to 3.7 million rupiah ($330) per month. The same workers were given a 44 percent pay increase following similar protests last year that involved hundreds of thousands of workers nationwide.

The laborers also are demanding that the government provide benefits and end the hiring of temporary contract workers, Iqbal said.

Iqbal said at least three people were injured after being stabbed during a clash with members of a youth organization who were angered when some striking laborers tried to force others to walk off the job.

Jakarta police spokesman Col. Rikwanto, who like many Indonesians uses one name, said more than 17,300 security personnel were deployed to safeguard the capital and surrounding areas.

The cost of living has increased dramatically in Indonesia after the government cut fuel subsidies this summer amid soaring inflation and a weakening of the local currency against the dollar.