Immigration Reform Returns, The Church of Maradona and Spanking: It's The Week In Latino News

Dems reintroduce immigration reform, the Church of Maradona, spanking mom loses her kids, a baby born from a dead dad's sperm, the blind, deaf piano prodigy and more.



    The Week in Latino News starts off with a run of the mill story about a soccer mad church that worships Argentine soccer star, Diego Maradona.
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    New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez and the Democrats have reintroduced immigration reform.
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    F. Chris Garcia, former president at the University of New Mexico, was arrested in connection with a prostitution ring, which was splashed on the cover of the New York Post. 


    It's USA vs. Mexico, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donavan vs. Chicharito in the Gold Cup final, as the two North American powers meet again.


    Yerko Difonis is blind and he is deaf. And he was deported and his return to the United States is pending. But don't feel bad for him. The piano prodigy has the whole world listening.


    You don't spank kids today, said a judge to Rosalina Gonzáles who lost custody of her children for the spanking.

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    A baby in Brazil was born through artificial insemination using her dead father's frozen sperm.
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