Immigration Battle, Mark Sanchez Fight and "Colombiana" Outrage: It's The Week In Latino News

Are Latinos upset with Obama over immigration? Did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony break up because of Scientology? Are Colombians outraged by "Colombiana?" Does Carlos Santana think the Grammys are racist?



    The Week in Latino News starts off with "Colombiana," a movie starring Zoë Saldaña, which non-profit PorColombia believes reinforces harmful sterotypes about Colombia and Colombians.
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    Pro-immigration reform activists upset over President Barack Obama's policies, protested on Tuesday in front of his Chicago reelection campaign headquarters.


    Carlos Santana isn't pulling any punches, calling a Grammy Awards that has removed Latin music categories "ignorant and racist."


    Mark Sanchez said in an interview that he wanted to fight his coach, Rex Ryan. We give you the tale of the tape.


    The "Fast and the Furious" ATF scandal keeps widening in scope after guns provided in the attempted gun trafficking sting were found at 11 different crime scenes in the United States.


    Ultimate Spider-Man recently made some noise with a Latino Spider-Man. But we take time to remember the original Latino Spider-Man.
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    Why did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony break up? A new report says differences over Scientology are to blame. 
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