Hungarian lawmaker's call for list of Jews sparks outrage

A far-right Hungarian lawmaker sparked outrage after calling for a list of Jewish politicians and government members who pose a "threat to national security," the Financial Times reports.

Marton Gyongyosi, from the far-right Jobbik party, defended his statement, reportedly saying the list is justified due to rising tensions between Israel and Gaza and he was referring to citizens with dual Israeli-Hungarian citizenship.

Hundreds of demonstrators reportedly gathered outside the Budapest Parliament Tuesday, wearing yellow stars reminiscent of those Jews were forced to wear ahead of the Holocaust and chanting "Nazis go home," Reuters reports.

"I am a Holocaust survivor," local Jewish leader Gusztav Zoltai told Reuters. "For people like me, this generates raw fear."

Up to 600,000 Jews from Hungarian territories died in the Holocaust, according to the Financial Times.

The Hungarian government condemned Gyongyosi's remarks, saying it takes the "strictest possible action against every form of racism and anti-Semitic behavior."

The Jobbik party has often been accused promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Roma sentiments.

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