Haunting sketches show horrors of Hermit Kingdom

Few people make it out of North Korea's infamous prison camps alive, but Kim Kwang-il did, after six years. His sketches, published in a damning UN report on North Korean atrocities, show the hideous conditions and treatment that the UN high commissioner on human rights called "crimes against humanity."

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    In the “pigeon torture,” inmates' hands are bound behind them and they are unable to sit or stand. (Image source: United Nations)
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    In another torture technique, inmates are told to imagine they are riding a imaginary motorcycle while extending their arms. (Image source: United Nations)
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    The UN report found that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and many more suffered permanent physical and psychological injuries at the hands of the North Korean regime. (Image source: United Nations)
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    Wagons originally meant for cattle and livestock are being used to transport human prisoners, according to the report. (Image source: United Nations)
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    Prisoners are barely fed, and often subsist on rats and snakes they catch, according to the report. (Image source: United Nations)
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    Even prisoners who survive the camps come out emaciated, some having lost more than 50 percent of their body weight. (Image source: United Nations)
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    The misery suffered in North Korea's camps is unimaginable for most people. (Image source: United Nations)
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    The artist said he was forced to crawl on his hands and knees into a cell with 40 other prisoners. Guards said: ‘When you get to this prison you are not human, you are just like animals, and as soon as you get to this prison, you have to crawl just like animals.’” (Image source: United Nations)
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