France's Marine Le Pen visits Geert Wilders to discuss cooperation ahead of European elections

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front, is visiting fellow euroskeptic Geert Wilders in the Dutch capital to discuss working together ahead of elections for the European Parliament in six months.

The meeting of two of Europe's highest profile populist leaders could signal the start of a loose coalition of anti-European Union parties aiming to cash in electorally from the continent's sluggish recovery from a crippling financial crisis.

Addressing reporters in the Dutch parliament ahead of Wednesday's visit, Wilders said he was keen to speak about policies his Freedom Party, known by its Dutch acronym PVV, shares with Le Pen's National Front.

Wilders, a fierce critic of the EU, says Le Pen's National Front, "has a lot in common with the PVV — less Europe, less immigration."