Flooding kills 14 in northern Cameroon

The state-run Cameroon broadcasting reported Friday that at least 14 people are confirmed dead and over 22,000 other affected by flood waters in Cameroon's Far-North and North Regions.

Prolonged rainfall combined with the release of water by the Lagdo hydroelectricity dam caused the Benoue River to burst its banks into nearby residential areas. Faro, Mayo Louti, Mayo Rey and Benoue were most hard-hit, with at least 14 people confirmed dead in the last two days. Crops of millet, sorghum and rice are either entirely or partially destroyed with food supplies becoming a serious problem. There are also fears that cholera and malaria could spread by the flood waters.

North Regional Governor Joseph Wilson said Rapid Intervention Batalion troops earlier this week brought in tents and medication to more than 2,500 displaced people in the Far-North region.