Exclusive photos from Iraqi firefight that killed U.S. Navy SEAL

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    US trainers with Peshmerga

    Trainer Matthew VanDyke described the fight as "extremely intense."
    Sons of Liberty
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    Scene from firefight

    Smoke visible in the distance.
    Sons of Liberty
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    Iraq firefight

    U.S. trainers with local forces in Iraq.
    Sons of Liberty
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    US pitches in

    One of the U.S. trainers lending support in Iraq.
    Sons of Liberty
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    Military training in Iraq

    Matthew VanDyke with Nineveh Plain Forces General Behnam Aboosh.
    Sons of Liberty
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    On the road to the fight

    A team of U.S. veterans was training Assyrian Christian fighters in Tel Askuf.
    Sons of Liberty
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    Firefight that killed US Navy SEAL

    "Scores" of ISIS fighters died, a military trainer told Fox News, with some of the deaths coming from suicide bombings.
    Sons of Liberty
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    Scene from ISIS firefight that killed US Navy SEAL

    A vehicle ISIS used to launch a suicide bombing in the town of Tel Askuf.
    Sons of Liberty
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