El Paso Tries to Revitalize Downtown

The city razed several buildings, including City Hall, to try and spruce up its sleepy urban core. 

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    Aftermath of El Paso City Hall demolition.
    Patrick Manning
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    El Paso City Hall prepped for demolition. The building was 34 years old.
    Patrick Manning
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    Dust from demolition filled nearby streets.
    Patrick Manning
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    Demolition as it happens.
    Patrick Manning
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    James Hale does not support the project due to the high costs. He does, however, look forward to seeing other revitalization projects in El Paso.
    Patrick Manning
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    Leslie Goldmann, who has spent most of her life living in El Paso, says there are plenty of baseball fans in El Paso and this will provide more entertainment.
    Patrick Manning
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    Rodriguez, 20, supports revitalization of downtown El Paso. He told Fox News Latino he doesn't think many baseball fans live in El Paso - but if it brings community together, it will be worth it.
    Patrick Manning
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