Dracula graveyard landslip reveals human bones

A UK graveyard made famous by Dracula author Bram Stoker is once again frightening local residents.

The town of Whitby, where Dracula arrived from Romania in the famous novel, saw a landslip this week that uncovered a number of human remains.

The Guardian reported that the landslip that uncovered the bones was caused by blocked and broken drainage that became vulnerable to heavy rains.

The soil and rock began falling from the cliff side town threatening homes, which were eventually demolished.

The graveyard, perched on a promontory overlooking the sea, is also threatened by the rapid erosion.

The Daily Mail reported that debris continues to fall from the site as workers scramble to secure the area.

A pathway to the graveyard featured in Stoker's novel has signs indicating danger.

Local stores at the bottom of the cliff are also threatened.

"If anything more comes down we are going to have to shut the shop because it will be too dangerous," shopkeeper Barry Brown told the Guardian.

The cemetery has been closed since 1865.

Dracula was written in 1897.

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