Court in southern India convicts 10 for 2004 fire in primary school that killed 94 children

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A court in southern India has convicted 10 people for a fire in 2004 that raged through a thatched-roof schoolhouse and killed 94 children while most of the faculty escaped unscathed.

Press Trust of India says those found guilty of charges such as culpable homicide and endangerment include the primary school's owner, his wife, the head mistress, the meal planner and the cook. Another 11 people were acquitted by the Thanjavur district court in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The blaze, sparked in the school's kitchen as a lunchtime meal was being prepared on a log fire, quickly spread across the building while more than 200 children were inside.

The trial included testimony from hundreds of people, including students who survived and parents of those killed.