Colombia priest heeds pope's call for austerity, says he's selling Mercedes Benz

It may be back to the bicycle for a Colombian priest who's heeding Pope Francis' call for austerity.

The Rev. Hernando Fayid says he's going to sell his white Mercedes Benz E200 convertible following the pope's recent statement that it wounds his heart to see a priest in a luxurious car.

Fayid tells RCN television that he got the car as a gift from his brother, but will still give it up. He says that doesn't bother him.

He says he ridden a burro, a horse, a bicycle and a bus, to say nothing of walking on foot around his town of Santa Marta. In his words, "I have no problem with that."

The 47-year-old priest says he hopes to get about $63,000 for the car.