China orders round-the-clock patrols in Xinjiang following recent series of bloody clashes

Chinese paramilitary troops are conducting round-the-clock patrols in the tense northwestern region of Xinjiang following a series of bloody clashes that have killed at least 56 people.

The order for the patrols by the People's Armed Police was issued by the ruling Communist Party's top law enforcement official Men Jianzhu late Saturday. Meng said the troops must raise their visibility, maintain a deterrent threat and strengthen the public's sense of security.

The order comes days ahead of the anniversary of a 2009 riot between Xinjiang's native Uighur people and Han Chinese migrants in the regional capital Urumqi that killed nearly 200 people.

At least 35 people were killed when assailants attacked police and government offices on Wednesday, while another mob attempted to storm a police station elsewhere on Friday.