Calls grow for Rwanda's president to rule beyond 2017, fuelling concern among his critics

Rwanda's next presidential election is still four years away, but a movement is growing there for term limits to be removed so President Paul Kagame can hold power beyond 2017.

Although Kagame has often said he doesn't want to lead Rwanda beyond his current term, some say his position on the matter has become vague as his supporters debate the likely consequences of his exit.

Eleneus Akanga, a Rwandan human rights lawyer based in London, said it is becoming clear Kagame would seize "this opportunity for him to stay on."

Carina Tertsakian of Human Rights Watch said Kagame has become "less categorical" about retiring in 2017.

Yolande Makolo, a spokeswoman for Kagame, did not respond to requests for comment, but recently Kagame said succession talk diverts attention from development issues.