Burkina Faso indicts, jails 3 in killing of investigative journalist nearly 2 decades ago

A lawyer says that three former presidential guard members have been indicted and jailed for the killing of an investigative journalist nearly 20 years ago.

Journalist Norbert Zongo was killed along with three others in 1998. Zongo had been investigating the death of the chauffeur who drove the brother of ex-President Blaise Compaore.

Zongo's family's lawyer Stanislas Benewinde Sankara said Saturday he expects investigators will eventually find the main person behind the murder.

Compaore stepped down in October 2014 after a popular uprising. The presidential guard loyal to him was also disbanded this year after a failed coup.

Zongo's case was abandoned in 2006, but the transition government reopened the case. Burkina Faso recently elected a new president.

An avenue in the capital was named after Zongo Saturday.