Bulletproofing Against Fear In Mexico

Although President Peña Nieto has overseen the detention of multiple cartel leaders since he took office in 2012, many residents remain more worried about ordinary crimes — carjackings and robberies that may lead to murder.

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    Inside a testing facility, a Total Shield automotive armoring employee aims his pistol at a 21 millimeter thick bulletproof window.
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    The author, Nathaniel Parish, tries on a bulletproof reporter's vest.
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    Each of the cars is stripped down to its frame and then custom-fitted with steel plates, bulletproof panels and moldable bulletproof fabric. 
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    Luis Cano, the 39-year-old sales director at Total Shield, stands in the shop's showroom. 
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    Inside the Miguel Caballero bulletproof clothing showroom, Oscar Loaiza, the company's Mexico Sales Director stands in front of a rack of hangers holding up a selection of fitted undershirts, traditional police vests and finely tailored hunting jackets.
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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    Although the company makes military-style gear for police use, it also hand-tailors bulletproof jackets for executives and politicians.
    Nathaniel Parish Flannery
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