MERTHYR TYDFIL, Wales -- A 10-year-old British girl cheated death after being struck by lightning inside her home, The Sun reported Wednesday.

Erin Moran was watching a storm from the attic in her home in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, when the bolt struck with a huge bang, shooting through the glass and into her left arm, leaving through her right big toe before scorching the carpet.

The strike left a jagged, Harry Potter-style mark on Erin's arm -- and small entry and exit holes in the double-glazed glass window.

Erin's mom and dad, Rhian and Mark, both 40, rushed her to the hospital, where she was treated for shock.

"Erin's a very lucky girl. The lightning went right through her. The doctors were astounded," dad-of-two Mark Moran said.

The bolt hit three homes on the Morans' street.

"It was ferocious, like a bomb," according to neighbor Wayne Cunningham, 49.

Professor Martin Uman, a lightning expert from the University of Florida, said strikes through windows were "very rare."