Berlusconi defense says ex-premier 'convinced' Ruby was related to former Egyptian president

Silvio Berlusconi's defense says the former premier was "convinced" that a Moroccan teen at the center of a sex scandal was related to the former Egyptian president.

Nicolo Ghedini said Tuesday during closing arguments that Berlusconi neither paid for sex with an under-age teen, nor tried to cover it up, as charged, and should be found not guilty.

Ghedini said Berlusoni would never have discussed the young woman, Karima el Mahroug, at a bilateral lunch with Hosni Mubarak in May 2010 if he had known "she was Moroccan, a minor and lived in Sicily."

Prosecutors allege Berlusconi later said she was related to Mubarak only to get her released from custody for allegedly stealing from a roommate.

They are seeking a six-year sentence and lifetime ban from public office.