Belize: Between Oil and Tourism

As Belize votes for its next prime minister, the country is stuck between oil and its natural bio-diversity. 



    The so-called "People's Referendum," which took place on February 29, allowed people in Belize to choose if there should be offshore drilling in the country. 


    The Belize Coalition to Save Our National Heritage marshaled volunteers to staff 51 polling places around the country.


    A voter dips a finger in ink while voting during the "People's Referendum."


    "This referendum is not the end. It's the beginning. We're using the law to force the government to hear the people," said OCEANA vice president Audrey Matura-Shepherd.


    The government frustrated the coalition's earlier attempts to get a referendum about exploration and drilling on the ballot for March 7 by disqualifying approximately 8,000 of the 20,000 signatures needed for that referendum to move forward.


    An office worker gets ready during the "People's Referendum."
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