Belarusian protester spends 5 days in jail for wearing T-shirt criticizing the president

A protester arrested in Belarus for wearing a T-shirt criticizing authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko has been freed after five days in jail.

Leonid Smovzh, a 53-year-old railroad engineer, told The Associated Press after his release Friday that he was given no heat, light or foot for two of those days.

He was arrested after a protest on Sunday for wearing a T-shirt on which he had written "For Belarus without Lukashenko." On the back it said "For Belarus without dictatorship."

Lukashenko has ruled the former Soviet republic for 20 years and has shown little tolerance for dissent.

Smovzh said he wore the shirt so he would not be ashamed to look his grandchildren in the eye when they asked, "what did you do for us?"