Al-Jazeera disputes Kenya gov't allegations after airing of 'death squad' documentary

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The news network Al-Jazeera says it is deeply concerned by the Kenyan government's threats to bring charges against its journalists because of a documentary a documentary accusing Kenyan police of killing suspects.

Al-Jazeera, in a statement Wednesday, urged the Kenyan government not to attack journalists or curtail of freedom of speech and to instead confront the serious allegations of extrajudicial killings.

Kenya's Ministry of Interior on Tuesday said on Twitter that the tone and subjective nature of the documentary was "deliberately skewed to support (and) empathize with terrorists (and) their sympathizers."

Kenya's government said the people Al-Jazeera interviewed who were purported to be members of the security services were fake and the documents it cited were not real. The news channel disputed the government's allegations.