Acapulco: Former spring break go-to's appeal drying up amid record cartel violence

Over 50 years of corruption, uncontrolled construction and an absence of any kind of urban planning has transformed Acapulco into a chaotic metropolis. All photos courtesy of Jan-Albert Hootsen.



    The sun sets over the horizon in Acapulco, where an influx of crime has diminished the appeal of this once ideal vacation spot.


    The bay of Acapulco.


    The urban sprawl of Acapulco, which grew from a mere 50,000 inhabitants in the 1950s to over a million today.


    Acapulco law enforcement officials investigate the crime scene at Avenida Cuauthémoc, where last Tuesday a young man was shot while riding his motorbike.


    Acapulco law enforcement carrying away the body of a young man who was shot while riding his motorbike last Tuesday at Avenida Cuauthémoc.
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