A tour around Crystal City, possibly the most corrupt litle town in America

In Crystal City, Texas, everything is all but crystal clear these days. With 44% of the population living below the poverty line, the town has been running headless since February, when almost every top official of the city got arrested for corruption. (All photos by Joanna Cattanach)

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    Just an hour from the Mexico border, Crystal City was the site of historic students protests that marked a turning point in the Chicano movement. Now it's been dubbed one of the most corrupt small towns in America.
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    In office only 11 months, Councilman Joel Barajas, the only not indicted councilman, said he wants Crystal City to move forward, past the corruption. 

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    A home with no windows, door or running water sits a few blocks from city hall. Pockets of poverty are all around Crystal City.

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    Former city manager James Jonas once listed the town caboose as his home address.
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    Longtime resident and former mayor Jose Mata said he wants to see progressive change in the city.
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    A Popeye statue stand outside of city hall. Crystal City is the self proclaimed Spinach Capital of the World.

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    FBI agents outside the home of Mayor Ricardo Lopez for his arrest on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016.
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    The town water tower looms above a neighborhood behind the local Dairy Kreme. Water in parts of the town turned black after sediment seeped into the after supply during a routine cleaning.
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    Roberto Aldape,31, a school teacher and political newcomer is running for mayor.
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