A look at Israeli settler population growth in West Bank, including under Netanyahu's tenure

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Here is a look at the growth in the population of Israel's West Bank settlements over the past decade, including the past five years under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, compared with growth of the overall Israeli and Palestinian populations.

2003 2008 2013

Israeli overall population: 6.75 million 7.42 million 8.13 million

Growth 9.9 percent 9.6 percent

West Bank settlement population: 221,898 290,311 355,993

Growth: 31 percent 23 percent

Settlements inside barrier: 168,713 222,121 274,115

Growth: 32 percent 23 percent

Settlements outside barrier: 53,185 68,190 81,878

Growth: 28 percent 20 percent

Palestinian population: 2.09 million 2.39 million 2.72 million

Growth 14 percent 14 percent


Sources: Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, Peace Now and Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. Note: Israeli figures are year-end numbers, while Palestinian figures are mid-year estimates.