A Debt Deal, Not Fat Joe, Latino Spider-Man and Juanes' Dream: It's The Week In Latino News

The debt deal's effect on Latinos, Fat Joe loses 100 pounds, Latino Spider-Man, Juanes' Dream for peace, romancing Latino voters, space age cotton does it all and Gun Hill Road takes on stereotypes, love and family.

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    The Week In Latino News starts off with the debt deal being done and over with. Or is it? A debate rages on regarding how the deal will affect Latinos and minorities.
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    International star Juanes has a dream. Peace building for children that will make men who shun war in favor of discourse.
    Courtesy of Fundación Mi Sangre
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    Coming Soon: Clothes that never get dirty, repel toxic gases and will even charge your cell phone?!
    Dr. Lloyd Donaldson/Te Papa Tipu Innovation Park/Nikon Small World
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    The director of gritty, film-festival darling Gun Hill Road on what he hopes people will take from his film about a Latino father struggling with his son's sexual identity: "If you walk away and understand that love and family come first, that's all that I could hope for."  
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    Spider-Man is dead. But do not fear. There's a new web-slinger in town. Half-Latino, Half-African-American teen, Miles Morales.
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    Just call him Joe. Fat Joe dropped 100 pounds after losing seven friends to heart attacks in the last year.
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    Where are the roses? Republicans and Democrats are beginning their courtship of Latinos particularly early for the 2012 elections.
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