6 Pakistan police officers abducted in fighting with anti-government cleric's supporters

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Authorities in Pakistan say six police officers have been abducted and two people killed in clashes between supporters of an anti-government cleric and security forces.

The fighting began Friday in Pakistan's Punjab province. Provincial law minister Rana Mashood said fighting continued Saturday as supporters of cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri abducted six policemen in Punjab's capital, Lahore.

Security forces have blocked roads to Lahore and the site of a planned protest Sunday by supporters of Qadri to protest the killing of 14 people in June in similar clashes.

Mashood says police have arrested 500 suspected supporters of Qadri and recovered weapons and batons.

Qadri's spokesman Raheeq Abbasi says two of his supporters were killed and dozens injured.

Qadri is based in Canada but has a network of mosques and religious centers across Pakistan.