2 former security officials arrested over killing of prominent Serb journalist in 1999

Two Serbian former senior secret service officials have been arrested over the killing of a prominent independent Serb journalist and publisher nearly 15 years ago.

Police say former Belgrade spy agency head Milan Radonjic and operations chief Ratko Romic were arrested Tuesday under suspicion they planned the assassination of Slavko Curuvija outside his apartment in the capital in April 1999. The killing took place during a NATO air war against Serbia over Kosovo.

Curuvija was a fierce critic of autocratic President Slobodan Milosevic. Days before he was gunned down, Curuvija was singled out by Milosevic's powerful wife, Mirjana Markovic, as a supporter of the NATO bombing. His family and friends have accused Markovic of ordering the attack.

Failure to solve the case has burdened all subsequent Serbian governments.