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Ohio Trains Derail; 3 Injured in Crash

Thursday, November 30, 2006

NORTH BALTIMORE, Ohio —  Two freight trains derailed Thursday, injuring three people in cars waiting to cross the tracks, authorities said.

At least 15 cars of a Cincinnati-bound train carrying steel derailed when the train started to go onto a side track used to reach a nearby grain elevator, said Gerald Perry, police chief in North Baltimore, in northwest Ohio.

The cars then collided with a coal train traveling slowly in the opposite direction, knocking four of its cars off the rails, authorities said.

Pieces of steel flew off the first train and hit the car closest to the tracks, flattening it to the top of its doors, Perry said. Rescuers had to pry off the top to free the driver, who was hospitalized in Toledo with a broken collarbone and shoulder.

A man in another car was treated for pain in his neck and head and released. Hospital officials would not give a condition for a person in a third car.

CSX Corp., the trains' owner, was investigating, spokesman Gary Sease said.

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