Young Americans are throwing massive coronavirus parties already nationwide

Yelling and cheering spread virus particles in the air, experts warn

Despite months of warnings, the nation's youth – from college students to club kids -- are refusing to stop the party in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that has already killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

Colleges across the country are trying to control COVID-19 clusters on campus by implementing different ways to mitigate the spread of the virus. Still, some are already seeing spikes of novel coronavirus cases.


Shocking online footage has emerged from a tribe of YouTubers called "Nelk Boys" who go around college campuses and tell students to party.

The group posted multiple videos of their trip to Illinois State University.


At Texas Tech, where over 900 students have tested positive, a blonde student is going viral for a Snapchat video where at a backyard party she nonchalantly says she "has COVID" and "the whole world has COVID."

Wednesday marked the 33rd consecutive day that New York state’s infection rate was under 1%, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. Some experts say a sustained decline in cases and a positive case rate of less than 2% are among the signs the virus is under control.

However, students at New York University threw a party disobeying the rules at a local city square right off campus in New York City.

Cuomo reprimanded New York University after students were spotted gathering in large numbers in Washington Square Park. NYU has suspended 20 students for violating coronavirus rules so far.

"Frankly, NYU security didn't do anything about it," Cuomo said. "We say we're New York tough. That is not tough by the NYU administrators, who as soon as they heard about it, they should have said, 'Stop it.'"

When pressed by a reporter, Cuomo said protesting in Washington Square Park compared to socializing in Washington Square Park likely both put individuals at risk of the virus.

In Atlanta, young LGBT clubgoers were spotted at an August 28 “Peach Party Tea Dance.”

In the same city, coronavirus infections continue to spread at the University of Georgia, with the school reporting more than 1,400 new cases of COVID-19 in the past week.

The numbers, reported Wednesday, push the 39,000-student university close to 2,600 total infections in the past four weeks, according to the school’s data.


It’s not just the close proximity that is a danger.

Yelling and cheering spread virus particles in the air, experts have warned – leading to the reasoning for physical distancing and wearing masks.