WWII veteran's son seeks to return portraits of soldiers his father drew

The son of a World War II veteran is on a mission to identify 15 soldiers who his father drew portraits of more than 70 years ago.

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    Navy veteran Ira Dube discovered portraits of 17 servicemen his father served with during World War II

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube said his father, Stanley, drew the portraits of these men during their service with the 27th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army National Guard

    Lois Dube Moore
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    His father served in the 108th Infantry Regiment, but Dube believes the men shown served in the 105th Infantry Regiment

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Three of the portraits have signatures, but only two of them have been identified

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube was able to reunite portraits of Joe “Solid Jackson” Orbe and Joseph “Joner” Kratky to the veterans’ families

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube believes many of the servicemen hail from New York or New Jersey, the area where his father deployed from

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube’s father continued to create artwork into his 80s, before he died at 90 years old in 2009

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube believes the portraits “had to have a meaning to them” because his father kept them all these years

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Somehow, Dube said, the portraits of his father’s comrades stayed with him throughout his many moves in life

    Lois Dube Moore
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    The photos now sit in the New York State Military Museum, which is aiding in the search to identify these soldiers

    Lois Dube Moore
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    The veteran said he’s been using the internet to match up the portraits with photos of veterans from the 27th Infantry Division

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Dube, who found the portraits in January 2017, is eager to give these portraits to their respective families

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Those with information on the artwork can contact Ira Dube on Facebook

    Lois Dube Moore
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    Anyone with information could could also contact Jim Gandy, of the New York State Military Museum’s research center, at 518-581-5109

    Lois Dube Moore
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    A special thanks to Ira Dube, and his sister Lois Dube Moore, who discovered the photos

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