Woman Sues Florida Lottery for Not Paying Up After Ticket Misprint

OCALA, Fla. -- An Ocala woman is suing the Florida Lottery over its refusal to pay a $500,000 prize on an allegedly misprinted ticket.

Ann Marie Curcio received the $20 ticket from her husband for Mother's Day in 2007. But when they tried to claim the prize in Tallahassee the next day, lottery officials told them the ticket was a misprint: The number 1 worth $500,000 was supposed to be a number 13.

Curcio's husband died last month, but the 58-year-old widow is pursuing the claim. Curcio filed suit this week in Leon County asking the state to honor the ticket and accusing the lottery of unfair and deceptive practices.

Lottery officials say the ticket's bar code proves it's not a winner, and the Curcios haven't followed the procedure to dispute a claim.

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