Woman finds WWII-era love letters on NJ beach after Sandy

A New Jersey woman found a stack of love letters over 60 years old near a beach after Superstorm Sandy swept through her town.

Kathleen Mullen tells WABC she found the letters while taking a walk on a trail after the storm had passed.

"They were obviously tied with a pink ribbon, so I automatically knew they were love letters," she told the station.

After drying them by a fireplace, Mullen discovered the letters were written between 1942 and 1947 by Dorothy Fallon of New Jersey to her fiance Lynn Farnham, of Vermont.

"There isn't much more to tall you tonight, dear. I love you very much. Yours always, Dotty," one read.

Determined to return the letters to the family, Mullen searched on Facebook, Craigslist and other sites hoping to find the couple. She eventually found the couple's niece, who told WABC she was amazed by the discovery.

"It's magical. This can't be real," Shelly Farnham-Hilber said.

Farnham-Hilber said Lynn Farnham served in World War II and is now deceased. His widow now lives in a nursing home.

WABC reports it is unclear where the letters were before they ended up on the beach.

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