Wisconsin Walmart employee facing charges after repeatedly punching elderly woman, police

The employee can be charged as an adult in Wisconsin

A Walmart employee in Wisconsin is facing charges after police say she assaulted an elderly woman. 

According to the Mount Pleasant Police Department, the customer, identified as 71-year-old P.K. Shader, was "punched multiple times" in the head and face after getting into a "verbal argument" with a cashier at the store on South Oaks Road in Mount Pleasant.

Representatives for Walmart and the Racine County District Attorney's Office, which is handling the case, have not immediately responded to Fox News' request for comment. 


The employee, 17-year-old Jazareia Velasquez, has since been charged with aggravated battery to an elderly person and disorderly conduct. Even though she is only 17 years old, in the state of Wisconsin Velasquez can be charged as an adult, according to police.

Images provided to Fox News from Shader show the extent of her bruises, which appear to be under both her eyes. 

Despite her injuries, however, police say Shader did not "require immediate medical attention."

A photo of PK Shader after allegedly being attacked by a Walmart employee at a store in Wisconsin. 

A photo of PK Shader after allegedly being attacked by a Walmart employee at a store in Wisconsin.  (P.K. Shader )

Police also did not offer any details about the altercation. However, Shader posted the same image of her battered face to Facebook saying: "My recommendation would be to think VERY carefully before you ask a Racine Walmart store employee to open another register." 

According to FOX6, Shader had asked to speak with a manager regarding her interaction with Velasquez. Afterward, Shader went to find Velasquez in order to get her name, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the outlet. When Shader couldn't find her nametag, she tried to take a picture of Velasquez to send to Walmart's corporate headquarters, according to the complaint. 

However, Velasquez allegedly told her not to take any pictures and then proceeded to punch Shader multiple times, according to court paperwork. The attack continued even as another employee pulled Velasquez off Shader, the complaint stated. 


Shader told FOX Business that she is still waiting to hear from Walmart but directed all other comments to her lawyer who claims "management stood by" while the "savage attack" took place. 

"In my view, this savage attack by a young adult employee of a Walmart … management stood by and watched," Carl Ricciardi of Carl L. Ricciardi Law Offices told FOX Business in a statement. "One would have to ask, why have our youth lost respect for adults and for each other and why did management not intervene to intervene, to help?"