Wacky Criminal Costumes

What does Santa Claus, permanent markers, and woman's underwear have in common? They, along with many other odd getups, have all been used by some pretty brazen bandits in an attempt to hide their identity.

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    Brazen Bandits

    Long gone are the days when a simple ski mask and turtle neck could hide the identity of a bank robber. Today's bandits have come with all types of different outfits to wear while they perform their criminal activities. Click on to see a few examples.
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    Santa Claus Bandit

    With the economy in a rut, it looks like Santa Claus had to come up with a new way to pay off his elves. This criminal, dressed head to toe in Santa's gear along with sunglasses and a firearm, entered a bank in Nashville, Tennessee and left with the loot in Santa's sack.
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    Darth Vader Bandit

    Who would've thought Darth Vader would need a gun to stick up a bank considering he has the force on his side. But that was the case as a man dressed as the Sith Lord held up a Long Island bank on July 22.
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    Evading law enforcement might be easier for a male bank robber if you confuse everyone into think you're a woman. Just make sure you don't do what Dennis Hawkins did while trying to rob a Pennsylvania bank. After not shaving off his goatee to complete the disguise, Hawkins, who was armed with a BB gun, ran into a woman’s car and got in the side door. She pulled her keys, got out of the car, and called the police while Hawkins just sat there. When cops arrived, he was still sitting in the car, covered in red from an exploded dye pack inserted in the crook’s bag.
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    Bouquet Bandit

    Some bank robbers like Edward Pemberton, aka "Bouquet Bandit," prefer to kill them with kindness. Instead of wearing a disguise or arming himself with a gun, Pemberton robbed a pair of banks in the Manhattan while carrying flowers or potted plants as props and handing out a threatening note demanding the teller to fork over a different kind of green.
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    Permanent Markers

    Part of the appeal of wearing a disguise for criminals is not being easily identified and then the ease in which they can remove it after the heist to blend in with everyone else. Apparently Matthew McNelly (left) and Joey Miller did not get the memo as they attempted to break into an apartment in Iowa with "masks" drawn on their faces with permanent marker. The search for the culprits did not last long.
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    Skateboard Bandit

    Who needs a getaway car when you've got a skateboard? After holding up a bank in San Diego, the "Skateboard Bandit" put the money his his backpack and walked out of the bank with his skateboard by his side. At least he didn't ride the skateboard while in the bank. That would've just been rude.
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    Granny Panties

    Sometimes all it takes to find a disguise is a quick search through the dresser drawers as Sharon Lain of Oklahoma discovered as she made off with the contents of a McDonald's cash register while wearing her undergarments over her face.
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    Thong Bandits

    There used to be a time when criminals would wear woman's pantyhose over their heads while they committed a crime. Nowadays some criminals from Colorado prefer to use thongs.
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    Spider-Man Bandit

    Maybe our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man isn't very friendly at all as one criminal in Sydney, Australia armed with a screwdriver robbed a video store. But then again, the thief did keep thanking his victims as he took their money and wished them a good night so maybe he is still friendly after all.
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