Victims named in Calif. shootout that killed 4

A middle-aged couple was identified Tuesday as the remaining victims in a weekend shootout in Sacramento that left four dead and one critically injured in what police say was a botched robbery.

The Sacramento County coroner's office said Xai Vang Yang, 61, and his wife, Lia Vang, 57, were killed late Saturday night in their south Sacramento home.

Investigators earlier named Xue Lor, 26, as the suspect who entered the home and fatally shot the couple and a guest, Lee Doua Cha, 33.

The gunman was killed in a confrontation with the couple's son, who was not injured, Sacramento Police Officer Michele Gigante said.

She said Lor was trying to rob cash from the family. He was a paroled gang member with a lengthy criminal history.

Lor's defense attorney in a 2008 case, Alex Veylupek, said his former client had an extensive juvenile record besides an adult record that included possessing a stolen vehicle and possessing a firearm as an ex-felon, with enhancements for being a gang member. He was last released from state prison in October 2011.

Gigante said small amounts of opium were found at the home, but it was not packaged for sale and did not appear to be a target of the robbery. The son opened fire with a shotgun, she said, and several rifles were found in a gun safe.

Lor also has been identified as the suspect in a separate shooting 18 hours before Saturday's attempted robbery. A 22-year-old man is recovering from a gunshot wound after Lor opened fire on the victim's vehicle. The victim's 2-year-old daughter was inside at the time but was not injured.

"It was probably a mistaken identity — wrong place, wrong time for that victim," Gigante said. "Something was going on in that neighborhood just prior to that victim driving through that area."